Green Recommendations For Commercial Cleaning In Ohio

Whether your budget is small or large, there are ways to save money on janitorial services without sacrificing quality. Ask a JAN-PRO-certified business owner for a free green commercial cleaning Ohio consultation today!

Jan-Pro’s eco-friendly products and equipment allow it to build green cleaning service plans for nearly any commercial property.

Eco-Friendly Detergents

Eco-friendly detergents are made from naturally-occurring products that do not contain chemicals known to pollute the environment. These cleaning products use ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and phthalates to clean, but they do not leave any harmful residues or toxins behind. Most of these cleaning products carry eco-friendly certifications from Green Seal and other independent organizations.

In addition to being healthier for the environment, these cleaning products are also safer for staff and customers to use. Traditional cleaners often have irritants and allergens that pose a threat to people who suffer from respiratory and sinus issues. You can protect your staff from these harsh chemicals by switching to these green cleaners.

JanPro franchisees offer a full suite of green cleaning services customizable to your business’ needs. These include eco-friendly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing solutions. Our franchisees use specialized tools to minimize the impact of these cleaning solutions on the environment. These tools include microfiber mops and cloths that remove over 99% of dust, dirt, and germs with fewer cleaning chemicals. They also use specialized chemical dispensing systems that ensure each mop is filled with the exact solution needed for each job.


Unlike traditional chemical products, green cleaners produce no harmful fumes and leave behind no toxic residue. They are also safer for workers and more effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and germs.

JAN-PRO® cleaning and disinfecting franchisees utilize eco-friendly, nontoxic, hospital-strength disinfectants that meet or exceed OHSA and OSHA standards. Local teams also practice more innovative cleaning protocols that target germ hotspots and transfer points, helping businesses minimize sick days and improve employee productivity.

Jan Pro’s locally-owned and operated businesses specialize in commercial cleaning Ohio services for various companies and facilities, including offices, retail centers, vehicle dealerships, banks, and managed properties. They disinfect schools, preschools, medical office buildings, daycares, and fitness centers. They utilize anti-microbial cleaning solutions to kill germs and viruses, high-efficiency HEPA-quality vacuums, and color-coded microfiber cloths to prevent cross-contamination. Their regular 50-point inspections help ensure that all of their services meet Six Star service level standards, and they provide a cleaning guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

Glass Cleaners

Typically, glass cleaners contain chemicals to remove grease, dirt, and grime efficiently. However, chemical-based cleaners often have a strong fragrance and may irritate the skin and respiratory systems. Thankfully, eco-friendly glass cleaners free from ammonia, dyes, and synthetic fragrances can be as effective while not upsetting the skin or causing breathing problems in employees and patrons.

One of the top recommended green cleaning products for glass surfaces is Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner Spray. This non-toxic cleaner eliminates toothpaste splatter, fingerprints, smudges, and streaking while leaving a sparkling shine on mirrors and other glass surfaces. This cleaner comes in an aerosol that releases a fine mist and features a wide spray button for enhanced comfort and convenience. Another great option is Better Life Natural Streak Free Glass Cleaner, which contains plant-derived ingredients and is completely free from ammonia. Better Life’s cleaner is made from recycled materials and does not produce fumes or odors.

Microfiber Cloths

When it comes to cleaning supplies, microfiber is a game-changer. It’s super absorbent, so you can use fewer cleaning chemicals and make your cleaners last longer.

It also picks up a lot more than just dust. The fibers in a good microfiber cloth are so tiny that they can remove pollen, most bacteria, and even some viruses from surfaces without any chemicals.

Cotton cloths, on the other hand, push dirt around rather than picking it up. They’re often made from organic materials that harbor odors and bacteria, dry slowly, and leave lint behind.

You can use a microfiber cloth with just water, but washing them frequently (about once a week) is essential to keeping them clean. Check the care tag before you launder, and always avoid fabric softeners or oily self-softening detergents. These additives will clog the fibers and reduce their effectiveness.

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