Wall Colours That Suit Well for Small Bedrooms

8 Wall Colors that Suits Well for Small Bedrooms | homify

Most apartments in urban cities are quite small and do not feature large bedrooms. This does not mean your bedroom interior design cannot appear spacious and open. There are various ways to make any small place appear more spacious. One of the simplest ways is by adding the right bedroom colour combination

Colours are a very crucial aspect of bedroom interior designs. They can make or break the space. You can control the mood of the space using colours as well. In small spaces, they can create the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light and making the walls appear like they are receding. However, you will have to ensure that you choose the right colours. If you are not sure about the bedroom colour combination, here are a few colour ideas for small bedrooms design you can consider:

01 of 07  Dark blue

You can use dark blue in your bedroom interior design if you want to make a style statement. It can help to make a huge impact on your current bedroom design. You will be able to give your bedroom interiors a bold appearance. Moreover, blue creates a calming atmosphere. It is ideal for the bedroom as people feel more comfortable and relaxed. However, do not paint all the walls dark blue. It can get overwhelming. Instead, you should apply dark blue to one wall and complement the colour with other lighter shades on the rest of the walls. If you are not sure about the lighter colour, you can use lighter tones of blue as well.

02 of 07 Earthly ochre

For creating a calming atmosphere in your bedroom interior design, you can pick earthly ochre. It makes your bedroom appear warm and inviting. Moreover, the light tan colour makes the bedroom interiors appear spacious when sunlight enters indoors through open windows. Hence, your small bedroom can benefit from it significantly. 

03 of 07 Off white 

Looking for a simple and clean colour for your bedroom interiors? You can choose off-white. This colour idea for small bedrooms design is great. The colour is light and will reflect more light, making your bedroom appear brighter. Moreover, it will make your small bedroom appear larger. Also, the white colour will make the space appear neat. You can give your bedroom a relaxing vibe with it. In case it seems boring, applying a different shade like green to one of the walls. The contrasting effect will make your bedroom appear visually larger. 

04 of 07 Clean white

If you are planning to choose off-white, you should give clear white a thought as well. Although both colours have a similar impact, many people prefer this colour over the other one because it has a clean feel to it. It makes your bedroom interiors feel calm. Also, it adds a touch of luxury to the space. However, only clean white may appear boring to some people. You should come up with various bedroom colour combinations. For instance, clean white looks very appealing with wooden shades. You can consider giving your bedroom beautiful wooden flooring. You can add plants as well to complement your clear white bedroom interior design.

05 of 07 Dark grey

You should choose dark grey for your bedroom interior design if you want to give the space an elegant and sophisticated look. This colour has become very popular in the last few years. It is mostly used in modern and minimalist spaces. People love the subtle yet bold appearance of this colour. You can choose any type of furnishing for it. Its versatile appearance makes it look good with almost any colour.  For a contrasting effect, you can make a few additions of light grey. Your room interiors will appear more appealing. 

06 of 07 Pale blue

Do you want a gentle and bright colour for your bedroom interiors? You can experiment with pale blue. This colour will make your small bedroom appear spacious and open. Also, it will reflect light and make the space brighter. During the day when sunlight enters your room, the pale blue colour will appear very soothing. You can pair this colour with other colours as well for an appealing bedroom design. In most cases, it is paired with pale pink and white. However, you can experiment with other bright and lighter shades as well.

07 of 07 Sea green 

Create a beautiful minimalist interior design for your small bedroom with sea green. This colour gained immense popularity in the last decade when people realised it appears great with wooden fittings. The combination will give your interiors an earthy look. This is great for creating a calming atmosphere in the bedroom so that people can sleep easily.

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