What Are Ball Screws?

The round screw, like lead screws, transforms rotary motion into linear movement. The device contains threaded shafts and a sphere nut. The last device rides on the screw, which is sustained by a series of round bearings that supplies a moving surface as opposed to the sliding surface of a lead screw.

The rounds roll between the nut and the shaft. Because there are no moving activities, round screws move extra successfully than lead screws. This is their fantastic benefit. The performance of the ball screw is reasonably constant and is usually better than 90%.

Ball screw BNT [บอลสกรู BNT, which is the term in Thai] are the first choices for linear-motion applications since the use of recirculating ball bearings supplies high effectiveness, lots capabilities, and placing precision. Additionally, ball screws usually offer the same or better loads capability than leadscrews and are, for that reason, better choices when loads requirements go beyond leadscrew capacities. One drawback of ball screws is that they call for a high level of lubrication.

Ball screws ought to regularly be correctly lubricated with the proper formulation to stop deterioration, minimize rubbing, make sure effective procedure, as well as expand operating life. Backlash, a little play between several mechanical components, can be eliminated with preloading.

Some ball screw terms, such as circuit, lead, turn, pitch, and begin, are widely utilized, as well as misused terms that establish various elements of a sphere screw assembly. Although the terms relate, each has a one-of-a-kind definition, as well as importance for ball-screw design, and performance.

Lead and pitch relate yet have various specifications. Lead refers to the straight ranges that took a trip for every total turn of the screw, while pitches are the range between the screw strings. This term is utilized interchangeably, and for a single-start screw, the lead and pitch are equal. Nevertheless, lead and pitch are not equated to screws with multiple starts.

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