Golden teacher mushroom facts and dosage

Golden teacher mushroom is a variety of psilocybin cubensis. Best known as hallucinogenic mushroom. It was named as golden teacher mushroom due to its golden color at the top of the mushroom. Golden teacher mushroom work as psychedelics that means they produce altered sense of time or space, control over motor skills, tachycardia, detachment from self and environment. Golden teacher mushrooms are also known for its spiritual and shamanic effect. Hence, golden teacher mushroom is not for only casual tripping. 

Facts about golden teacher mushroom

  • Golden teacher mushroom origin – Golden teacher mushrooms are fairly new and they first appear in 1980s. Exact origin is not known but highly recognizable because of its golden tip and yellowish color. 
  • Golden teacher mushroom appearance – Golden teacher mushroom Have a fruiting body having yellow or golden center with slightly curved cap. The Cap can be up to 8 mm in diameter. It has a hollow stripe thicker towards the base. It also has gills which varies from whitish to purple brown. 
  • Golden teacher dosage – Recommend dose for dried golden teacher mushroom is 1 gram to 2.5 gram. Initially small or microdose of these mushroom should be consumed. 
  • Tripping of golden teacher – Spirit healer turn to golden teacher mushrooms as tool for restoring your mind as well as spirit. 
  • Golden teacher guidelines – If you are newbie in consuming it and it’s your first attempt. It’s is advisable to have a person or a tripper nearby you who have already experienced it. A trip sitter will watch over to you continuously to help you out in any emergency. Never increase the recommended dose of golden teacher mushroom. Don’t mix golden teacher mushroom with other weed no matter if you are an experienced tripper. Keep some vitamin C and vitamin c containing beverages with you it will help you get out and recover from its effects if you consume a stronger dose than intended. Consume a large amount of water after tripping it will help you to flush all the psilocybin out. 

Psilocybin experiences by dosage 

The potential effect from consuming psilocybin will vary depending on several factor such as individual and type of mushroom being consumed. 

  1. Micro dose (0.05 to 0.25 grams) – Mood enhancement, crisp concentration, increase mental stamina. 
  2. Mini dose (0.25 to 0.75 grams) – Feeling stoned, mild euphoria, visual enhancement, short term memory, altered sound perception 
  3. Museum dose (0.5 to 1.5 grams) – Color become more vivid, closed and open eye visual, distracted thought pattern, enhanced creativity. 
  4. Moderate dose (2.0 to 3.5 grams) – Mild hallucination, 3D eye-visuals, minor synestia, distorted sense of time
  5. Megadose (3.5 to 5.0 grams) – Heavy hallucination, ego dissolution, mild disconnect from reality, complete loss of time, synesthesia, out of body experiences. 
  6. Heroic dose (5.0 grams and above) – Heavy alteration of sensory input, ego death, complete disconnect from reality.

People take magic mushroom for a wide variety of reasons but most recreational users are unable to tap the benefit of shrooms. You are not predisposed to the therapeutic and spiritual trip, if you take Golden cubes merely for fun, you are most likely limiting your mind. 

Post Author: Louise