Read more To know Influencing Factors Governing Price of Hotels

The pricing strategies of the hotels depend on various factors. Some of these factors are constant, while others are variable. But when you are trying to book a hotel in Thailand, you need to know about these factors that usually influence the pricing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to assess whether the room tariff is correct the prices are high unnecessarily. Continue reading the post to know about the chief factors that affect the room rates.


The physical location of the hotel is one of the most important factors governing the rate. The room value will increase if the hotel is near major attractions like the National Park, some metropolitan areas, museums, or natural wonders. If the place is far from any tourist spot, the value will be low. You can definitely opt for the same if you can drive to the locations every day.


If you have a few similar resorts in some hot locations, there is a high chance that the resorts would offer attractive discounts frequently to draw the crowds. While selecting the resort in such an area, you have to utilize the opportunity of the competition and grab the best deal.


What facilities will you enjoy at the resort? Read more [อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai] about each of the resorts to know what makes the pace better than the rest. For instance, a resort with a golf club will be the perfect place of relaxation for those who like to swing the golf stick once in a while. Also, a swimming pool or an open-air cafeteria can be the chief attractions of the place. So decide what amenities would you like to have during the period of stay and then assess whether the resort is demanding the right tariff depending on the analysis of the above factors.

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