Benefits From a Giveaway Promotional Bags

This Unilever promotion was recently discovered in Walmart stores. As part of their promotion in Asia, the company will give away a tote bag for free. The simple strategy of giving away a promotional tote bag is very beneficial for the company. Let’s find out!

5 Benefits of the Giveaway Promotional Tote Bag

Gifts are loved by customers

Customers love to receive gifts so giving away gifts is a great strategy. Customers will be happy to receive a gift and will use it again and again. This will increase brand exposure. Your promotional gift bags will be instantly used by customers to become your brand’s “walking billboards.”

Increase Brand Awareness

For different promotions, you can create promotional tote bags. Promotional Reusable Bags With Factory Direct Pricing will increase awareness of your brand and the campaign that you invest in. If you make a bag that supports charities, or other organizations, it will raise awareness of your cause. Anyone who has used this bag by Unilever will associate it with cool gifts.

Advertising tool for free

The tote bag, as mentioned before, is a great free product for brand exposure and awareness. Customers can also use the tote bag on a daily or long-term basis.


These bags make a lasting impression. Because customers can carry many things, they are very useful. They are also very popular with the public. It can also be used to store other gifts.


A promotional tote bag costs less than other custom promotional products. You can also choose the material you wish to use. Canvas totes are trendy and affordable.

The giveaway promotional tote bag is an effective and simple strategy. Tote bags can be customized in any way you like, which makes them truly unique. Cooler bags, 100% recycled plastic, cooler totes, and those with water bottle pockets on the side are all great options.

What can ODM do?

Are you interested in increasing brand awareness and exposure with promotional products? We are experts in sourcing and designing promotional products like tote bags. Send us an email to learn more about sourcing promotional bags. Our Mindsparkz product designers will be happy to design a custom-made to fit your needs. Contact us to discuss your POS display or marketing gift.

These bags make great marketing tools for London’s Borough Market. These reusable bags are a great idea. These bags can be customized and are a great way for brands to get more exposure in retail shops.

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