3 ways to avoid drowsiness At work

Working from home has been a reality since the pandemic. For the past one year or more, most of you have been continuing to work from home as the different waves of the Covid-19 keep on striking. And it is common for many of you to suffer from extreme sleepiness while working at home. If you cannot manage your sleep pattern, you can jeopardize your work life.

  1. A cup of coffee

Nothing can work faster than a cup of hot coffee when you feel sluggish at work. It is one of the wonderful ways to avoid drowsiness [วิธี แก้ ง่วง ตอน ทํา งาน, which is the term in Thai] as the shot of caffeine can boost you. It is a stimulant that can increase the brain activities and reactions of the nervous system.

    • It will improve thinking ability
    • The mental performance will develop
    • Easy fighting sleepiness.

But drinking too much coffee can cause overstimulation, which is not good for anyone’s health.

  1. Take the power nap

If you think that there is a blockage in the thought process as you are feeling too sleepy, you can re-activate the functional status of the brain with a quick power nap. Take out a span of 15to 30 minutes after the lunch break and just take a short nap. Once the alarm rings, you can get up in full consciousness, and you won’t feel sleepy again in the next few hours.

  1. Get up and walk

Sitting and doing a job continuously creates boredom, leading to sleepiness. So, get up from your workstation and go for a walk. Allow the blood flow with some activity. It is among the effective ways to avoid feeling sleepy at work. Once you sit down, you will feel that the concentration level is better than a few minutes back.

Post Author: Louise