2 Common Mistakes To Avoid To Maintain job interview dress code

Clearing the job interview is no more a matter of only knowledge or experience. How you present yourself matters a lot when you are appearing for the interview. What you wear is equally important as the skills you describe on the resume. The choice of clothes is the representation of your personality. In this article, we are going to discuss the possible best job interview dress code [แต่งตัว ไป สัมภาษณ์ งาน, which is the term in Thai] and how to avoid the common dressing mistakes that degrade the impression of the candidate right from the entry into the interview room.

Avoid casual clothing

Your aim should be to choose professional attire, even if you are applying for a post where the formal dressing is not mandatory. You can definitely refrain from looking too formal, but it is also not good to look too casual that will never justify the qualifications in the resume.

  • Don’t wear torn clothing like ripped jeans, even when it is a fashion trend. Denim and jeans are not the correct attire for the interviews as they appear very unprofessional in most cases.
  • Also, avoid wearing T-shirts, especially with the ones with graphics. Even if the interview is in the animation industry, the graphics don’t make you cool. They just distract the employer’s concentration.

Sweatpants and gym attires are also not the right ones to pick on the day of the interview.

Avoid flashy dressing

Don’t think that wearing some flashy jewelry or dress is going to attract the interviewers. The general dress code that you should maintain for job interviews is all about being formal and decent. It is not the place to show off your fashion collection or figure-hugging dresses that make you appear desperate. Maintaining decency and elegance is mandatory.

Post Author: Louise