This Is How You Can Make Your Android Smartphone Faster

When developing a smartphone, the developers at have one aspect in mind: efficiency. To keep up with the competition in the mobile communications market, a new device must offer high performance.

A fast chip, many rams, and extensive internal memory are just a few of the many properties that a modern cell phone must have today. Who would want to wait forever for functions to open? What many do not know, however, is that this level of performance can often be increased even after purchasing your smartphone. Android owners, in particular, can look forward to some tips and tricks for increasing performance.

Android Phones Performance

Even if a smartphone is on the market and it has found its way into your possession, the question of efficiency is not over yet. On the one hand, the development of the device and thus also the technical optimization of the hardware have been completed.

On the other hand, your usage behavior still has a significant influence on the effectiveness of your mobile phone. With android devices, in particular, many functions can be set in such a way that they increase the performance of your smartphone and protect your battery. But that’s not the only way to get a faster device.

Reduce And Turn Off Animations

In addition to the setting options, the animations of the UI (user interface) of your device have a significant influence on the speed of your mobile phone and thus also on the battery. Although these give the user interface an elegant look, they often hurt its performance and battery.

If you want to make your android smartphone faster, it is advisable to either minimize the animations or even switch them off completely. In this way, the work performance of your device is spared, processes run faster, and the battery is accordingly less stressed.

This Is How It Works.

To change the animation settings, you must first activate the “developer options” that you are authorized to do. To do this, go to settings> about the phone and tap the “build number” a total of 7 times. You can select the “developer options” function that has now been activated under “settings.” there you can change or switch off the length of the animations under the options “scale window animation,” “scale transition animation,” and “scale for animation time.” in this way, you can make your android smartphone faster with just a few clicks.




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