Medicare Plan G vs. Medicare Plan N- Checkout Which One is Better?

There is a rise in demand regarding medicare plans and Medigap policies. It has become a challenge for an individual to decide which one to buy?  Do not worry! I will make it a little easy for you by illustrating a comparison between Medicare Plan N and Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Moreover, various other medicare plans are available that are also excellent, but a preferable medicare plan is Plan N. The reason is apparent. An individual who enrolls in Medicare supplement plan N pays very low monthly premiums compared to other medicare plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans-

Medicare plans are a kind of health insurance in which people are enrolling. It fulfills the gap of original medicare, and it is a cost-effective method to cover all your health expenses by enrolling in a Medicare plan.Now let’s see the difference between plan G and Plan N.

Difference between Medicare Plan N and Plan G:

  • Part B medicare Deductibles-

If you think that Plan G covers part b deductibles, then I think you might be wrong here. Plan G does not provide the coverage of such deductibles; if you have not understood, let me tell in simple words. When you go to visit the doctor’s office, you will be responsible for paying such cost. Plan G will not cover it for you. Also, medicare supplement plan N does not cover such costs.

Once you are ready to pay part B deductibles, it’s upto you to plan G and N as per your choice. Plan G will cover all your expenses related to Medicare once you have paid for part B deductibles. On the other hand, Plan N coverage has some expenses to pay out of your pocket. We will discuss them further.

  • Skilled nusring facility-

When a person starts facing health issues at old age, the doctor recommends them to go to a nursing facility that will provide him proper medication on time. Both medicare plans offer such facilities.

  • Monthly Premiums-

If you are looking for a medicare supplement plan that offers a low premium cost per month, then Medicare Plan N will be a suitable option for you. However, Medicare supplement Plan G is slightly expensive in contrast with plan N.

  • Annual Premiums-

When you decide to purchase a Medicare plan, you always know about the annual cost of a plan. If you want to save your money, Medicare Plan N will be the right suggestion for you.

Plan G’s annual cost is approximately 3000 dollars, whereas Medicare Plan N’s cost is approximately 1700. Therefore, if you forecast total cost in addition to excess charges and part B deductibles, Medicare Plan N will still be cheaper than medicare supplement  Plan G.


You are a buyer, and you know what coverage and benefits you want to cover by purchasing a medicare plan. If you want a plan with low premiums, then plan N will be suitable for you. However, if you have an appointment with doctors regularly, then plan G will be suitable.

Post Author: Louise