Tips For Choosing The Right Safety Footwear

Do you know how to choose the most suitable safety shoes for your job? This choice is not as simple as it seems. Several factors must be taken into account. So, to help you in this mission, here are tips for choosing the proper safety footwear.

Analyze The Risks Of The Work Environment

Professional activities, to a greater or lesser degree, bring risks to workers. They are divided into environmental risks (physical, chemical, and biological risks) and occupational risks (ergonomic and mechanical risks).

footwear is classified according to the possible risks within each activity:

  • Footwear for protection against the impact of falling objects on the toes
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against agents from electrical energy
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against thermal agents
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against abrasive and scouring agents
  • Footwear for protection of the feet against sharp and piercing agents
  • Footwear for protection of feet and legs against moisture from operations using water
  • Footwear to protect feet and legs from splashing chemicals

Know The Types Of Shoes

There are several safety shoes (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ ,which is the term in Thai), and when choosing, you need to know which one is most appropriate for your job. Boot, boot, shoe, and sneakers, with tie closure, velcro, or elastic. The safety boot has a longer barrel, at least as high as the shin. The boot has a barrel up to the ankle. In turn, the shoe and sneaker have a shaft below the height of the ankle. In addition to the model, it has other characteristics that must be observed when choosing the protective equipment for the feet.


You can choose your sport safety shoes (รองเท้า safety ทรง สปอร์ต ,which is the term in Thai) by the look. After all, many safety shoes nowadays combine protection with a more modern look.

More and more PPE manufacturers are innovating in technology and models. An example of this is the safety shoes, which provide comfort and lightness without neglecting the protection of the worker’s feet. It is also important to highlight that it is necessary to choose the appropriate size, as shoes that are too tight or larger than your foot can cause problems. Therefore, always make sure that the shoes are well adjusted to the needs of the activity to be performed.

Post Author: Louise