Why Choose a Short Term Let Over Hotels on London Business Trips?

London can be an expensive city, and even if you have the luxury of travelling on business expenses you still may find that you end up having to dig into your own funds. Food and drink in the UK capital are in some instances double the price they would be in other cities like Birmingham. Hotels are another part of business travel that can work out incredibly expensive. But you can solve this problem by looking up short lets London. Short lets often save business travellers money and there are a number of other reasons they are preferential to hotels.

Short-lets are more flexible

If you look up short lets London, you will probably be surprised at the amount of flexibility that is afforded to you. If you book a hotel you have to check in an out at a certain time, and if you try and add extra days you may find that it is fully booked and you can’t. Moving hotels in the middle of a business trip is a headache and a waste of time. Short-lets tend to be a lot more flexible and you will be more able to match your check in and check out times with your flights so that you are not left waiting around all day with nowhere to go.

Short-lets are more friendly

Although hotels in London are usually incredibly helpful – there is usually something a little bit “clinical” about them. If you find a short let, it is likely that you will get to meet the owner and other people staying in the property. London can be a confusing place, and it is great to find people on the same wavelength in the same situation as you. If it is your first time in the city you do not want to waste time getting lost and trying to figure out the tube system alone.

Short-lets can save you a lot of money

Maybe you are lucky enough to get business expenses, but let’s face it, most people aren’t. A lot of people that have to travel on business are actually self-employed and have to pay for hotels and travel expenses themselves. London hotels are incredibly expensive and you could be looking at anything between £150 – £1500 just to stay somewhere central in the capital. Depending on location and demand, you could end up booking a short let that is literally a third of this price. Short lets are a lot cheaper and if you manage to find one at the last minute and the agents are grateful for the booking you may even be able to haggle them down. That is another great thing about short lets. Hotel prices are usually set by the head office of the chain, but short-lets give you the chance to negotiate with the owner and get cut-price for last minute bookings or really long stays.

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