Tadalafil helps men to enjoy their sexual life

Tadalafil pills are marketed in order to cure mail sexual problems and help them to enjoy their sexual life. They are basically used to to treat ED (erectile dysfunction). It also helps in curing the Pulmonary hypertension. It is also approved by the FDA for curing benign prostatic hyperplasia also called prostate enlargement. It can be used every day it has no such contraindications.

If we talk about their looks they are almond shaped and have a yellow film-coating and one is advised to consume 40 mg one pill a day. It increases the blood flow to the penis and helps men keep an erection.

It also helps in curing the symptoms of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) like having problem in beginning urine flow, need to urinate frequently weak stream. It also helps by relaxing the smooth muscles in bladder and prostate.

If the person is suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B then this drug is no more useful for them.

Direction to use

Before you take the medicine or at each time of its refill read carefully the leaflet of patent provided by pharmacist or incase if you have any question in your mind you should first clear your pharmacist or doctor.

You can take this medicine without or with food or as directed by the pharmacist or your doctor. It’s better not to take more than one pill a day.

The dose is based on the medical condition for which you are taking the medicine. In case you are taking any other medication be sure to tell your doctor about all the products you may be using, including herbal products, nonprescription drugs and prescription drugs.

There are two ways in which this medication is prescribed by the doctors in order to treat erectile dysfunction. The first way is to take it half an hour before the sexual activity, its effect on sexual ability remains till 36 hours. To treat ED the second way is to take the pill once every day on regular basis without any restriction. You can have your sexual activity as per your need between the doses.

In case, the condition is not improving then it is better to consult your doctor instead of increasing the does.


Tadacip 20 mg is used in order to treat erectile dysfunction. It helps in relaxing the muscles in the blood vessel walls and helps in improving the circulation of blood to the certain body parts. This drug also helps in treatment of pulmonary arterial problem and increases the capacity to exercise in women and men both.

It is very important to know that there are some medicines which react with this drug which may result in dangerous effects. Better be sure that you provide all your medical history and even provide him complete list of the medicines you are taking.

Who may take the medicine?

Person may use this RXShopMD when he is suffering from hormonal changes, chronic nature of inflammatory diseases, in  case of urogenital organ injuries, psychological trauma, and metabolic diseases.

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