Evaluation of Notebook Computer Practical Operation

Speaking of the main sales factors of notebook computers. They are specifications, prices and styles. It is extremely rare for a notebook computer to satisfy all three at the same time. The first two parameters (specifications and prices) usually go hand in hand. But styles are often ignored in the mid-range notebook computer market.

As the subject of this review, HONOR MagicBook 14 notebook computers scored high in style.

This notebook computer is covered with polished metal chassis, easy-to-use keyboard and touch pad. And thin border display screen. What;s more, the edges of the space gray MagicBook are lined with star-like sky blue. Such design is rare in the entire notebook computer market.

MagicBook is an ultra-thin device. Apart from MagicBook 14, other versions such as MagicBook 15 have attracted many attentions with ultra-thin design. The 14-inch size and nearly 3 pounds make it a fashionable and lightweight travel machine.

Under the hood is AMD design, HONOR chose cTDP down mode based on Picasso’s Ryzen 5 3500U quad-core processor.

For specifications, this notebook computer has a 14-inch 1920×1080 LCD. It with a brightness peak of about 240 nits, which achieves a good calibration curve. There is a border of about 5 mm around the edge of the display. Reminiscent of displays such as “Infinity” of other companies.

In order to make the top border thinner, the camera has been moved into the keyboard. Similar to the HUAWEI MateBook notebook computer. The display is not a touch screen, but can be rotated to 178 degree horizontal mode.

The Ryzen 5 3500U processor has a slightly lower power setting than the 15 W standard. That may balance performance and battery life. The system has 8 GB of DDR4-2400 in dual-channel mode, 256 GB of storage options for Ryzen 5. And 512 GB of storage options for Ryzen 7.

The storage drive is actually good. And there are Samsung NVMe units inside the system-there is no rust that rotates mechanically here.

The battery capacity is 56 Wh. Its honor rating is 9-10 hours (150 nits) in video/network/office type workloads (200 nits (7 nits) in network tests).

The battery can support a 65 W fast charging officer via any suitable HUAWEI or HONOR charging adapter. Official said it can charge from 0 to 48-53% within 30 minutes. For Zen +-based 14-inch laptops, these numbers are good.

The power button is a separate button. Located to the right of the delete key and needs to be pressed correctly to activate.

There is a Goodix fingerprint sensor, which may be the same as HONOR’s on its smartphone-in most fingerprint sensors. The HONOR/HUAWEI application of the Goodix model is the best. The most accurate touch pad is oversized under the keyboard. It can ignore wrong touches during typing.

Many laptops in this price range feature with touchpads. But this one is more accurate and responsive. It is widely used on the touchpad, and many users find this setting satisfactory.

Post Author: Louise