TraitCost Description
Minor Mutation1 COR Owner has a minor mutation that doesn't handicap them.
Moderate Mutation2 COR Owner has a mutation that increases two random stats but handicaps them.
Major Mutation4 COR Owner has a mutation which makes them monstrous and increases 4 random stats.
Radioactive1 COR/LVL Owner may give 1 COR to LVL random nearby target(s).
Corrupted1 COR/LVL Owner has a highly fractured personality. 1+LVL multiple personalities.
Eternal Chastity1 CHS Owner will never have children.
Chaste Attire1 CHS Owner will never retrieve unwanted sexual attention.
Corruption Healing1 CHS/LVL Any trait that decreases COR decreases 1 more COR per LVL.
Corruption Capacity1 CHS/LVL +1 Max COR per LVL.
Purification Talent1 CHS, 1 PAT Owner knows how to cast purification magic.
Alcohol Tolerance 1 TEM Owner will never get drunk.
Thick Skin1 TEM/LVL Any physical damage with a roll less than LVL automatically fails against Owner.
Poison Immunity1 TEM/LVL Any poison damage with a roll less than LVL automatically fails against Owner.
Drug Resistant1 TEM/LVL Any drugs weaker than LVL automatically fail against Owner.
Lean and Mean1 TEM Weight never falls below nor goes above normal.
Studious1 DIL Owner gets +1 PAT and DIL when reading.
Jail Warden1 DIL, 1 FAE Owner restrains foes in a manner based on FAE, eg. GUT: Stomach, TOL: Jail Cell
Lifting Strength1 DIL/LVL Owner can lift 10^LVL more kg, eg. 1->10kg, 3->1000kg, 5->10,000kg, and so on.
Massage1 DIL (1 LUS) Owner can perform massages. (Option: Adding LUS makes them sexual massages.)
Energetic2 DIL Owner never runs out of energy, except to fall right asleep.