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Q: How can I get Fae Cunt, Fae Bust and Fae Womb as a boy? And how can I get Fae Cock as a girl? How can I get either as a eunuch?
A: There are many minor skills you can pick up along the way, and a good chunk of them should be skills that change your gender. Better yet, some racial templates force you to be male, female or genderless, allowing you to get all of the Fae Heritage. If you're having trouble, find a slime and boink it. Slimes are genderless and have the trait 'Malleable', which means you can model a womb, cock or cunt to use. Enjoy!
Q: I want to publish a translation of this book! Is there somewhere I can go to do so? Do I need your permission?
A: By all means, if you want to write a translation of this guide, contact us! We'll be willing to host your guide as well as provide raw text material for you to work with. If you wish to post a translation in a public forum on another server, we would appreciate the proper linkbacks as well.
Q: I made a custom sourcebook/race/npc/etc for my campaign, and I want you to publish it now! How does that work?
A: We have an area of the website reserved for player-designed campaigns, modules and other tools. If you send it to our email for review, we'll post it as soon as it meets the quality guidelines outlined on this page. We may initiate discourse and request you reformat some pages, but if it looks good we'll host it here and give you all the linkbacks/bounty you desire. However, by submitting your material to us, you are giving us PERMISSION to host it indefinitely, for free. It's not ownership, but it's close. There's no revoking that privilege down the line! Further information can be found on the quality guidelines page.
Q: I'd like to post my character sheet on my website! What's the HTML you used in the sample character sheet? Can I post it anywhere?
A: Sure! The following code is officially open source. Modify it, alter it, do whatever you want without need to credit us (but we appreciate the linkbacks)! Q: What about the player handbook and the rulebook? Do the same rules apply?
A: We encourage fan-art, plushies and even custom sourcebooks and will not prosecute nor attempt to prosecute a creator of FAE-related materials, even if they make money off it.
However, our only source of revenue comes from people visiting this website and the donation links. If other individuals were to repost our manuals without properly directing individuals to our website so they could access all the source materials, prospective players may lose out on the experience as well. Instead of re-posting the sourcebooks from this website, why don't you re-post some of these banners on your page to help us out?