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 Hello there! My name is Gilly, and I devised Fae as a way to do erotic roleplay with my friends. Many of the systems that currently exist on the internet to facilitate sexual gaming are either too burdened by the limits of their system, too narrowly aimed at a small crowd or inherently offensive and difficult to stomach as an advocate of feminist porn. Working with some of my closest friends I created a system that not only provides freedom of sexual expression but closely models real-world relationships and sex-- well, before we started adding monsters and robots. And today? I want to share that system with you.

 Fae (short for Faerie) is, by no means, the first game system to handle sex. But, I believe it may be the first game to talk about relationships and our life in the context of sex. I am a believer in the idea that our behaviors in day-to-day life and our sexual expression is linked. Why do people buy a house? So they have somewhere to fuck in. Why do people go to work? So they can sustain themselves to the next sexual pleasure. Why do humans live at all? They live to breed. And they live to help their kids to breed, or their nieces and nephews, or their friends. Why are people always at each other's throats? Because their wild sex is being hampered by someone else's wild sex. I think sex and our life are linked, and this system really reflects that ideal. Not only does everything lead back to sexual expressions and kinks, all kinks and sexual expressions bring forth the life of the world the player lives in and actively shapes their worldview.

 If you've ever wanted a game which not only allows you to play any fantasy race, explore any fantasy kink and live out your fantasy life at the same time, Fae is the game for you. Not only does this system have a fully functional back-end for dungeoneering, city living and rural farming, this system allows your character to fuck anything and everything in the way you want to. This game also provides real-world education for your existing and future relationships, handling oft ignored sex topics like after-care, sexual biology, the importance of raising your children in a good environment and the effects of abuse.

 In my ideal world, every player who plays Fae will leave satisfied, understand themselves and their body better, and even learn something new about their sexual preferences. They will have fun time with their friends and lovers, and they'll experience what it means to be someone with responsibilities, not just power. This roleplaying game that I gift to you now has shortcomings, like any good system, but what I think I've given to the world is an example of how you and I can discuss the concept of love, sex and kinks without resorting to cock worship and ignoring the wide variety of players who have never touched sex in a game before and are afraid to try.

 Before you move on to the next section, I'd like to make something about this game clear. FAE was designed from the start to be a educational but dirty game for all tastes, a way to expose yourself to a wide variety of sexual expressions and new kinks without leaving the safety and comfort of your own home. Some of the concepts and kinks used in this book may be alien to you! Not everyone has seen a gel-toy before, or heard of waxplay.

 Final Thoughts: If I were to describe Fae in two words, I'd coin the term Stat Porn. Sex is complicated. Love is messy, and has a lot of unexpected variables like diseases and children. A normal system couldn't dream to capture the many varieties of sexual expressions that exist, so my friends and I have decided to think outside of the box and create an abnormal system. Rather than try to contain the skills into as few categories as possible, we decided to let the skills spill out over the pages of the player's Journal. By the end of the game, your player's Journals may contain as few as 10 skills or more than 100-- it all depends on their luck, style of play and the GM's discretion. The skills in this game are situational and humorous, and the GM is encouraged to make them up on the spot! In the end, what's important is that no matter what happens in the course of play, you have fun while using my game. I'm proud to give that experience to you.

Love, Gilly