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The Fae Kink Glossary!

This helpful book should teach you the basics of your kinks and squicks! If you're interested in anything on this list, write it down. If you hate something on this list, you should write it down too! Your partner will thank you for being open and honest about it.

A is for Adultery

Adultery is when you fuck another woman's man! It's when you break your vows of love and marriage too!
Ageplay is when you play with someone out of your age range! Look out, elderly couples!
Assplay is when you caress that globe we call their ass-- and sometimes slide something else inside!
Assault is when you caress that globe without permission! Bad kinkster! ...unless you got consent!

B is for Bondage

Biting is a form of foreplay! Get a nibble while it's hot, or chow down to get the blood flowing!
Bloodplay is when the blood actually flows-- during sex! I van to suck your blood~
Bondage is when your date's all tied up with nowhere to go! Welcome to the sex dungeon, prisoner!
Breastplay is when your tits wind up wrapped around a dick-- or maybe just a little groping!

C is for Camwhores

Camwhore is a person who likes to show you all their curves online! Or in a porno flick, ehehe...
Casual Sex is a great way to pass the time-- and expend a lot of energy! Don't procreate, recreate!
A Cockring is a tool to restrict erections in your dick! The ultimate in sadism and masochism...
CTF is when you'd rather have a dick than a friend! So you make the obvious change-- their body into one!

D is for Domination

Dancing is a form of foreplay and dry-humping-- intimate contact through a veil of music and clothing!
Degradation is a way to let your partner know you love them-- and that they're a stupid sack of cocks!
A Dental Dam is a sexual protection for oral sex... when a condom won't dental do.
Disease is a bug that won't stop you from rocking that ass! Sexual transmissions be damned!
Domination is a form of ownership-- now, slave, figure the rest out yourself!
Dry Humping is a way to get the blood pumping with a bit of frottage through clothing! Hump haaamp~

E is for Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is when you strip for your lovers, flash for your foes and fuck for an audience.
Endosoma is when you find a creature living inside their mate!

F is for Frotting

Footplay is when you put those boots made for walking to good use-- or perhaps get a taste of sweat!
Frotting is when you rub and rock with those magic hands and hips! Careful not to scraa~aatch...
Futanari is a person who isn't a woman and isn't a man-- the best of both worlds!

G is for G-Spot

A G-spot is a thin bit of muscle and some internal clit action! It's real, haters.
A Geltoy is a lovely thing that wraps around your lovely thing and likes to melt on your toys! Gah!

H is for Handjobs

Hairplay is a form of foreplay where the hair becomes the center! Lovely lengths of lustrous locks~
A Handjob is a way to play with their bits using just your hands... and maybe a bit of lubricant.
Herm is an insulting term that's so much shorter than 'Intersex'!

I is for Insertions

Inflation is a fantasy where body parts grow using liquids, gases, potions and more!
An Insertion is a thing that goes inside your holes, but it isn't a cock! Is it a toy... or a creature?
Impregnation is when you forget to put a condom on! Say hello to parenthood!

J is for Jacking Off

Jacking Off is for boys, it's masturbation. Check Schlicking for the female version!
Jockstraps give support by cupping men's balls. They also double as thongs in the rear!
Jockstraps, once again, have a duplicate purpose! They work as a strap on and hold up a dildo!

K is for Kinks

A Kink is something to get you interested in sexual activity! It's fine to have them, go ahead!

L is for Lactation

Lactation is how we get milk from your breasts! Babies need that milk to grow!
Licking is a perverse way to establish dominance-- or to get a taste of the action with foreplay.

M is for Masochism

Marking is when you piss on your people to let people know they are yours!
Masochism is the desire to experience pain, languish in it. Revel in servitude...
Masturbation is a way to walk your wang or pet your puss without any fuss about partners.
Mpreg is when daddy is a mommy! Erm, where do they put the womb... or give birth?!
Musicplay is when you get your groove on to the funky music...

N is for Necrophilia

Necrophilia is when you find your soulmate... in a corpse. Even if it's animated, it's still dead, okay?
Noisy Sex is only annoying for the neighbors. For you? A good sign you've hit the mark~
NTR (Netorare) is when you chase another person's wife-- or was it when they chase your husband?

O is for Oral

Oral Sex is the tasty alternative to taking it in the starfish or sheathe! Get a stick of gum, pervert.
Oviposition is when the stork brings back eggs instead of babies-- and they still need fertilization.

P is for Pregnancy

A Period is when a woman tosses out her eggs in a bucket of blood for a fresh pair of ovum!
A Pheromone is a scent which drives the recipient to arousal! It's like a sex alarm that only others smell.
Porn is what we use to stand-in for imagination! Also, it's free and this glossary technically counts..
Pregnancy is what happens when mommy loves daddy so much that she isn't allowed to get an abortion!

Q is for Queer

A Queer is someone who doesn't identify with a heteronormative model of love. They don't need your stinkin labels!
Queefing is when the air trapped in vaginal flaps escapes~
Quickshots are short and sweet, no need for extended commentary!

R is for Rumps

A Rump is a rear! An ass! A POSTERIOR!
Rimming is when you eat out someone's rump! Use dental dams responsibly.

S is for Striptease

Sadism is when you feel an intense urge to whip, scratch and claw your partner while they moan in pain...
Sadomasochism is what happens when sadism and masochism have a twisted spawn of hell! Kinky!
Scat is when you just don't have the time to reach the toilet and would like to use anywhere else.
Scentplay is when fragrant aromas meet the smell of sex-- eh? Why do your hands smell like that...?
Schlick might come from golf but it refers to a pussy! A fun sound to make when the fingers slide inside...
Scratching is a form of foreplay that likes to leave little marks for the recipient. Me-ow.
A Slob is someone who can't be bothered to get up, or clean their mess... or themselves~
Soulplay is when fucking a physical body isn't enough-- now you need to defile ghosts?
Stalking is the ultimate form of love... don't let them see you in their rose bushes!
Striptease is the act of slowly removing your clothes-- hopefully with a gimmick to keep it fresh~
Submission is when you do what you're told... now, massage my feet. They're soo~oore from walking across the room...

T is for Teasing

Teasing is when you withhold what you've... ... ... ... ...offered.
Tentacles are a schoolgirl's best friend!
Tickling is foreplay when your fingers just can't help themselves to some sensitive spots.

V is for Voyeurism

Vampirism is a way to share your blood with dark, broody fellas wearing pancake makeup.
Vore is the act of eating someone-- in a non-sexual way! Of course, they probably still get off to it...
Voyeurism is when you peep on your man while they're having a shower... with anybody other than you.

W is for Watersports

Watersports is when you mark your territory or wet yourself-- surprisingly little water involved.
Waxplay is about turning sex partners into candelabras and abstract paintings. Ouch, it burns!
Weight Gain is what happens when you eat wayyy too many cupcakes at the wedding reception.
Wrestling is when you tussle for bed-dominance, also known as 'bedominance'.

X is for... Exes?

Your ex is just somebody that you used to know...

Y is for Yiff

Yandere is when you love your precious senpai so muchyouneedtomURDERANYONEWHOSPEAKSTOHIM.
Yiff is a term that we use for a furry when sex is too long or boring to say.

Z is for Zoophilia

Zoophilia is the path of those who live on the wild side... animals, represent!