Steps to download rummy on your mobile

Are you a rummy fanatic and love playing it on your computer? Would you be interested in finding out about rummy download options on your mobile phone for long hours of excitement and fun? The card game website, Rummy Passion offers players the option of a free game app download on Android or iOS devices. Downloads are quick, seamless and secure so that players can rack up multiple points, play one or more variants of the game and play at as many tables as they want. So, if all of this intrigues and excites you, then here is how you can download and start playing.

Downloading and playing Rummy on your mobile

With stiff competition in the card game market, every website having rummy games offers new and existing players bonuses and money to encourage loyalty. There are different programs for those who play on the website and for those on their mobile devices. Here is how you can get started with a rummy download on your smartphone and test your skills against others.

  1. You can call the number mentioned on the website to start your app download. You will either get a QR code or link for the download.
  2. The process for downloading the app is slightly different. For Android phones, the first thing to do is download the APK file. Tap on the file to start installation. After that, you can use the link or QR code for your rummy download. Most downloads require clicking on a direct app download button. Once settings are modified to suit a user’s specifications, players are good to go.
  3. The process for downloading on iOS devices is as follows: Users should go to “Settings” on their phone and select the “Security” feature. The “Unknown Sources” option has to be checked before starting the download process. Browse the download folder on the phone and click on the Rummy APK to install. After this step is complete, go to the App store and search for Rummy Passion. Download and install the app. After it is done, tap Open and start playing rummy.

Regardless of which rummy download a player has on his/her phone, every gamer can look forward to hours of fun and lots of prize money.  Gaming companies work with software developers to fix bugs and also ensure that it is a smooth experience. This is evident in the form of crisp user interfaces, quick loading, and availability of multiple game formats, the chance to play with real players and access to promotions and discounts.


Rummy download are also equipped with real time updates on game scores and winnings so players don’t have to keep track. Whether a player is new or not, every one of the rummy apps is easy to use.  Use the resources provided to hone skills and learn new strategies to bump your game up to a new level. Many players are introducing their friends and family to such apps for hours of playing time.

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