Different Types Of Custom Bobbleheads

We know that custom bobblehead means to make a bobblehead from scratch, from your reference to photograph that you want to make the face of your toy. So, we will discuss different types of bobbleheads, in brief, to make you know about various types and categories.

Different Types Of Custom Bobbleheads:

If you are looking to find the types of Custom Bobbleheads, you need to know that there is no limit on creating these products, you can make its collections. However, for simplicity, we will discuss some standard or common types of this toy.

Cultural Bobbleheads:

These are the types that describe any culture and nature of a particular part of the region of this world. For example, if we take the example of Indian culture, Thanjavur dolls are responsible for Indian culture. These are known as Thanjavur Thalayatti Bommai. They represent Indian culture.

Festivals Collections:

Festival collections include the dolls that represent any festival of any country or region. For example, if we want to show how Christmas goes well in western countries, we can make a collection of collectible dolls that each representing different aspects of Christmas and what people do during Christmas time.

Academic Bobbleheads:

Academic collections are very much essential collections to represent any academy activities and events to brief people about that. It can be anything like educational, political, officers and training activity bobbleheads, and every single action that you want to include in the academic year category.

Stardom and Celebrity Bobbleheads:

Sometimes people would like to have small statues and dolls made from celebrity faces because people are a fan of those celebrities, and they want to keep those dolls with them to never forget about them. So, you can make a collection of collectible toys that consist of faces and activities of celebrities that how celebrity looks and appears to the public.

Sports and Gaming Bobbleheads:

Sports and Gaming collections category is one of the most favorite groups that we can ever see. You can start collecting dolls of different sports players that you love the most to know while they are playing. It contains basketball, football cricket and anything you want.


We tried to explain how you can start your collection of Different Types Of Custom bobbleheads, and we decided to explain there are no limits to making collections for these toys. You can make a collection of every single kind of Bobblehead that you get an idea to make it.

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