Why Is There Water Leaking Into Your Car?

If you notice that there is water leaking into your car, you should find the source of the problem and fix it immediately. Otherwise, the water leaking into your car can cause a lot of damage that will be costly in the future. Luckily, you do not have to sit and wonder why your car is getting water leaked into it. Here are some reasons why your car has water leaking into it.

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system could have a blocked drain tube. The purpose of this drain tube is to let condensation flow away from your car’s cabin – if it is blocked, water will buildup on the mats and front carpets of your car or behind the dashboard. To simply test this out, drive your car without the air conditioning on – if the problem stops, then the fault might be because of your drain tube.

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Windshield Weather Stripping

The front and rear windshields will have weather stripping so if it is brittle/damaged or is not put on properly, water can leak into your car easily. This normally happens after you replace the weather stripping on your car – whoever installed it might have not put the new seal efficiently. If this is the cause, water will most likely leak into your car’s trunk or dashboard.

Door Weather Stripping

Both outside and inside your car, there is a smaller rubber band that rests against the car’s side windows – this is the door weather stripping. This keeps the water from getting into the power windows. Water can soak into the window and run through your car door thus entering the cabin of your car if the weather stripping isn’t flush with the glass. Be sure the weather stripping lies flat against the windows and is in good condition – if not, this might be the source of the water leaks.

Door Seal

The door seal is a very common cause of water leaking into your car. The door seal is a rubber seal that lines the door’s edge. Damaged or cracked seals will let water slowly trickle down your door then into your car and this is very common for older cars. Check if the rubber of the door seal looks brittle or frail or if the adhesive failed. Get a professional to check your door seal and replace it if you notice it is not working well anymore.

Do not let a small leak turn into a big problem. If you notice that water easily leaks into your car, you should find the source of the issue then get it repaired or replaced. Check out the tips above to know where to look if your car has water leaking into it.
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