Memory Care Facilities in Henrietta NY: Care Options for Alzheimer’s Patients

It is wise to begin to explore your options immediately a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer.  Don’t wait for things to get out of control before you begin looking for the best memory care facilities in Henrietta NY to salvage the situation.

The search is first influenced by the stage of affliction of the disease.  You might consider opting for home care if the disease is still in its early stages. This keeps your loved ones around familiar people and in familiar surroundings.

In cases of advanced stages, however, it is best to search for top-notch memory care facilities in Henrietta NY that are in the business of caring for those with Alzheimer.

Home Care

While home care is an excellent choice for those experiencing the early stages of dementia, it is important to carry out changes in and around the home to make it safer for patients. In doing this, the key is to find the balance between giving them too much freedom and making them feel caged.  Ways to achieve this include:

  • Keeping injurious objects and medications out of reach
  • Keeping areas such as stairwells, workrooms or storage off limits
  • Ensuring that a fire safety protocol is well in place. All related devices, alarms, and detectors should be in perfect working condition.
  • There should be good lighting everywhere in the house especially in the stairways.

Relief for Caregivers

Caring for Alzheimer patients is no easy task.  This is why home caregivers need as much support as they can get from family friends and neighbors. In other cases, they might turn to formal care centers like:

Nursing Home: when expertise is required, nursing homes can be your best bet. They offer 24/7 medical care administered by skilled nurses. They also make special arrangement regarding feeding, rooming, and other health care related issues so that your loved ones can always feel safe and attended to.

Assisted Living: these are for patients who do not need skilled medical care.  They are a form of community that has been so structured to provide needed support to those in need of them. These supports could be in the form of rendering services such as housekeeping or laundry, or just providing help with dressing up and cooking.

Special Care Units (SCU): there are several memory care units that deal specifically with catering for people with memory problems. These units feature staffs with specialized training in caring for those with Alzheimer. These units also have set protocols and measures in place to ensure the safety of its residents further.

Which One to Go For?

While the stage of the disease plays a big role in determining what sort of care is best for your loved one, it is always best to get as many ideas and suggestions from the patients themselves and other family members.

At the end of the day, whatever you choose should work well with the afflicted loved one.

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